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Currently based in:

Dubai, U.A.E.

Stephen Godenzie Freelance Photographer basing in Dubai

My passion is working alongside creative agencies and ambitious brands to create bold and striking images. With dependable quality and timelines, the result is an elevated brand, increasing audience viewership and beautiful photos tailored to the brief.

Constantly moving to new lands has taught me to be flexible and quickly adjust to new traditions and customs. There is a sense of excitement when I step into a new space, having to be responsive and quickly adapt as new situations present themselves. The thrill of manipulating light in a studio, or the buzz of never truly knowing what will happen in the wild, are the main reasons I became a photographer.

As I shoot, my goal is to show the beauty, elegance, strength and energy of each person. Whether they are a trained model or not, I strive to highlight aspects of who they are and the environment they interact with, while pushing myself to experiment with unique lighting setups and other new techniques to capture people from a different yet bold perspective.

I work along side the client from the planning stages, to execution and final delivery of the product. With unique specialized tools to pre-plan the shoot ahead of time, and a personalized client gallery to review and proof the photo, it guarantees the client will love the final result, both before and after the shoot.

Tel // 050 466 0417

Email //

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I will get back to you at the earliest.

"Not only is Stephen an outstanding photographer, but also an all-around great person. Expect professionalism, high-quality work, attention to detail, an interesting chat, and a good laugh every time you meet or work with him"

Charles El Soueidi

Founder & Managing Director

Nudge Media

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