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Currently based in:

Dubai, U.A.E.

Stephen Godenzie Photography creative portrait, self portrait

Since the beginning, my focus has always been on creating visuals that capture the real essence – beauty, elegance, strength, and energy – in every subject.


From navigating the controlled setting of a photography studio to embracing the unpredictability of the outdoors, I find my sweet spot in the uncertainty that defines my craft. I'm driven by the thrill of capturing those unseen moments, where light and shadows play together.


Through my lens, I aim to showcase the unique qualities of each individual, no matter if they're a professional model or an everyday person. I'm all about pushing boundaries, experimenting with lighting, and capturing people from a bold yet genuine perspective.


Throughout the process, I work closely with my clients – from planning to final delivery. I bring specialized tools for careful pre-planning and offer a personalized client gallery for review and proofing. It's not just about capturing a perfect shot, it's about creating something that is genuinely treasured.



"Not only is Stephen an outstanding photographer, but also an all-around great person. Expect professionalism, high-quality work, attention to detail, an interesting chat, and a good laugh every time you meet or work with him"

Charles El Soueidi

Founder & Managing Director

Nudge Media

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